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3RE provides its customers with unique, innovative solutions that ensure a high level of satisfaction. By keeping up with fast-changing trends in manufacturing of electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, touch screens, decoders, game consoles, monitors, printers and small domestic appliances, we offer you the top-quality experience in all fields of our activities, including service, refreshing and recycling.

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As our success depends on people, we employ specialists in many fields, including management and technical support. 3RE managers have extensive experience in such areas as strategic and operational activities, repairs, regeneration, recycling, global chain of supply, logistics, and international management of operations.

Building on this knowledge and expertise, the management team focuses on developing new values for customers and meets the everyday challenge of increasing innovativeness of the company’s offer.

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Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies aimed at both servicing and recycling of electronic goods and thus we are capable of carrying out even the most complex repairs and operations. Processes employed by 3RE meet all global standards and span the entire logistic chain. We collect, verify, repair, test, package, and send back. 3RE’s offer also includes thorough analyses of data obtained from defective products. Additionally, our engineers may provide an analysis of root causes of defects and this way contribute to the reduction of returns and continuous improvement of next generations of goods.

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We are aware that our success depends on our customers and consequently the 3RE’s business model exactly reflects this fact. Our vision provides a framework for all kinds of business operations, starting from day-to-day activities up to taking key decisions. We aim at implementing this vision by developing various solutions that not only are innovative, valuable and robust but also protect reputation of our customers. 3RE places focus on building long-term relationships with customers so as to offer them services that are second to none in the industry. 



Our mission is to become the leading European collector of electronic products in order to handle them in line with the 3RE’s philosophy.

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Firstly to rework, secondly to refurbish, and thirdly to recycle collected items in a proper way.

As a highly ecologically-aware and environment protection-oriented company, we strive to make the best use of our knowledge and technologies in order to offer “new life” to electronic devices, assemblies, components and parts or, if this is not possible, to extract elements and noble metals from them.

Our R&D specialists continue to work on new ideas for a better and better use of our resources. Their creativity, involvement and stamina in pursuing this goal result in new products that not only stand for modernity, top quality, and value for money but, first of all, perfectly fit the 3RE’s philosophy.